So Long, See You Tomorrow

Incognito Money Scribe (I.M.S.) is coming to an end. I will keep it live, but will no longer update it with new posts.

After a great year and a half, I am sorry to put it to a stop. But I am much more excited about what’s coming next. Tomorrow (2/18/22) I am officially launching The Root of All on Substack.

The Root of All will cover similar topics in the same writing style as I.M.S., though with some creative variations. (I’ve already moved over some of the most popular pieces published on I.M.S.) It will also include much more content, including Q&As with notable finance/business writers, tips and exercises to apply to your projects, curated links to interesting articles and more.

I appreciate everyone who supported I.M.S. Thank you!

For those of you who have enjoyed I.M.S., I hope you follow me on Substack, too. I’ve conveniently transferred email address of those who have subscribed to this blog. But if you follow via WordPress, you’ll have subscribe again. For now, the newsletter is completely free, but paid subscription options will become available as it hopefully grows.

With this new format, I will publish more consistently while creating the kind of publication I really want. I originally started I.M.S. to write to up-and-coming financial writers and other experienced financial writers like me who often work behind the scenes without their own bylines. Hence, the name. But, I had the good fortune of writing a post about money that was widely shared and the blog quickly turned into a personal finance blog.

So, it is time to build a platform that is more aligned with what I.M.S. has become and with my own vision.

Please join me at The Root of All, and say good bye to Incognito Money Scribe. It’s been a fun ride.

If nothing else, this little guy will always remind of the good times we’ve had:


6 thoughts on “So Long, See You Tomorrow

  1. Dear Jacob Schroeder, I have truly enjoyed your writings, and your deeply witty writing style. You have dared to go beyond the typical financial topics by looking at how the human psyche and finances intersect, and with such honesty… Much appreciated! Keep writing – you definitely have a gift.


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