Friday Five: Be Kind

Five pieces of (mostly) financial writing and one reason why I recommend reading them.

A personal finance pocket book

Artistic skill along with writing skill is a powerful combination. Safal Niveshak has got it.

Changing one’s mind on FIRE

A maxim of effective narrative is the human element. Changing one’s mind is part of the human condition (one that should be more widely accepted and celebrated). Here, Christine Benz, one of the finance writers in the game, confronts her change of heart about the Financial Independence Retire Early movement.

The gospel of GaryVee

One of the writers I have admired most is George Plimpton. From suiting up for the Detroit Lions to taking shots to the nose from Archie Moore, he was an active participant in his writing to say the least. Sarah Kessler follows in Plimpton’s footsteps to explore the empire of Gary Vaynerchuk.

Kindness provides a wealth of physical and emotional benefits

There can never be enough articles to remind us to be kind. Elizabeth Bernstein delves into the latest research proving how kindness is good for ourselves and the world.

Friday fiction: Read Mavis Gallant

A lot of entrepreneurs and self-professed thinkers act as if it is a badge of honor to read only non-fiction. Well, those people suck. Reading fiction is a necessity for anyone who wants to grow their emotional intelligence or become a better writer. One great place to start is with Mavis Gallant.

“She was perplexed by the truth that had bothered her all her life—that there was no distance between time and events.”


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